Select your Water-Wise Loropetalum

Traditional Loropetalums grow huge, and their foliage fades from purple to green. Sunset Western Garden Collection Loropetalums grow to manageable sizes; plus, they retain their rich purple hue all year.


Purple Pixie® Dwarf Weeping Loropetalum
1-2’ H by 4-5’ W

Purple Daydream® Dwarf Loropetalum
2-3’ H by 3-4’ W


Emerald Snow® Semi-Dwarf Loropetalum
4-6’ H by 3-4’ W

Purple Diamond® Semi-Dwarf Loropetalum
4-6’ H by 4-5’ W


Red Diamond™ Midsize Loropetalum
6’ H by 6’ W

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