Dietes Milky Way™

Dietes Milky Way™

Dietes bicolor ‘DBV001’ PPIP

This incredibly tough plant has a clumping habit, yellow blooms and unique variegated leaves. More sun = more blooms!

Sunset Zones

8,9,12–24, H1, H2

USDA Zones

15°F to 20°F USDA zones 8B–11

This plant isn't suitable for your USDA Zone 7b

Dietes Milky Way™ Features

Plant Dimensions

2.5–3.5' H x 2–3' W

Landscape Use

Accent, Border, Coastal, Container, Mass planting, Poolside

Plant Type


Growth Rate



Full sun to part shade

Special Feature

Clumping Habit, Easy Care, Upright Habit, Variegated Foliage


Yellow blooms & unique variegated leaves

Flowering Season


Dietes Milky Way™ Plant Care

Water Needs

Medium Water Once Established


Moderate Feeder


No pruning needed


Tolerates a wide range

Planting Instructions

1. Dig in your native soil a hole as deep and wide as the container. We recommend planting in native soil for best acclimation.
2. Fill the hole with water and thoroughly water the new plant; allow both to drain.
3. Gently place the plant on its side and remove the pot. Place your hand on the bottom of the plant and put it in the hole.
4. Return native soil around the root ball, wetting and gently tamping down.
5. To complete, create a shallow trench around the base of the plant to contain the water when watering.
6. Mulch 1–2” deep around the plant, avoiding the area closest to the stem.

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