Sunset® Western Garden Collection to add a unique variety of Ligustrum

Southern Living® Plant Collection and Sunset® Western Garden Collection to add a unique variety of Ligustrum

‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum is an appealing product available exclusively to Southern Living® Plant Collection and Sunset® Western Garden Collection growers now. 

LOXLEY, Ala. (June 3, 2013) – Get a jump on the latest addition to Southern Living® Plant Collection and Sunset® Western Garden Collection – the ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum. 

This fast grower is ideal as a low-growing hedge and performs well in full sun and partial shade. Its “sunny” year-round golden foliage creates an eye-catching hedge as well as an individual specimen and will attract buyers for its ability to enhance any landscape. A sterile non blooming cultivar, it will not re-seed into the landscape, benefiting allergy sufferers who cannot tolerate traditional ligustrums.

‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum is characterized by its size (3-4 foot high x 3-4 foot wide) and its hardiness to USDA zone 6. ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum will be available at retail locations beginning in spring 2014. 

About Southern Living® Plant Collection

The Southern Living® Plant Collection is a series of innovative plants selected for their ability to solve specific landscape challenges and to excel in Southern gardens. Their beauty and performance is the result of years of plant evaluations and research. The collection is the result of a partnership between Plant Development Services, Inc. and Southern Living® magazine to bring high-performing plants suitable for Southern gardens to the market. Visit to learn more.

About the Sunset Western Garden Collection™

Sunset—the West’s most trusted source of gardening information for more than 115 years presents—introduced the Sunset Western Garden Collection in partnership with Plant Development Services, Inc., in 2012. The first live plant collection to focus exclusively on top performing plants for the Western gardener, the plants offered are low maintenance, water-wise and uniquely suited for the Western landscape.


Media Contact:

Corrina Murray | Plant Development Services, introducers of the Southern Living Plant Collection and the Sunset Western Garden Collection | [email protected], 251-964-6778

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