Unveiling the Stars: 2023 Top Plants of the Year!

Exploring the beauty that bloomed this year  – our 2023 Wrapped is here! Unveiling the stars of the show: our top plants from the Sunset Plant Collection. From evergreens to colorful blooms, these were the plants you chose the most:

1. Platinum Beauty LomandraStep into a world of elegance with the top pick, Platinum Beauty Lomandra. This beauty graces any garden with its variegated form and stunning cascading foliage that’s sure to make a lasting impression.

2. Senecio Skyscraper. Soaring to new heights of popularity, Senecio Skyscraper takes the second spot. Its tall, slender form and modern aesthetic make it a standout choice for those seeking to add a touch of contemporary elegance to their outdoor (or indoor) spaces.

3. Meerlo Lavender. Claiming the third position is Meerlo Lavender—a fragrant masterpiece that captivates the senses. These vigorous plants hold their beautifully variegated and highly fragrant foliage and sport pale blue flowers in summer.

4. Soft Caress Mahonia. In fourth place, we have Soft Caress Mahonia—a delicate yet resilient plant that captivates with its feathery foliage and subtle charm. Compact enough for containers, yet large enough for foundations or borders, these tough plants provide fabulous texture to the shade garden.

5. Obsession Nandina. At number five, we have Obsession Nandina—a showstopper with vibrant foliage that offers year-round visual appeal. Obsession has a compact, dense growth habit and brilliant red new foliage all spring and summer.

6. Clarity Blue Dianella. At number six—a true vision of tranquility. With its striking blue-green foliage, this Dianella variety not only captivates the eye but also brings a sense of serenity to any garden space.

7. Coolvista Dianella. Claiming the seventh spot is Coolvista Dianella—an embodiment of cool sophistication. This plant’s form and cool-toned spikes make it a standout choice for those seeking a contemporary touch in their landscapes and gardens.

8. Little Kiss Salvia. At number eight, we have the charming Little Kiss Salvia. This petite perennial packs a punch with its vibrant blooms, creating a delightful contrast that is sure to steal the hearts of both seasoned gardeners and new plant enthusiasts alike.

9. Black Adder Phormium. Securing the ninth position is Black Adder Phormium—a bold and dramatic addition to our Wrapped 2023. With its dark, strap-like leaves, this phormium variety adds a touch of mystery and sophistication to your landscape.

10. Sunshine Ligustrum. Last but certainly not least, Sunshine Ligustrum claims the tenth spot. This plant lives up to its name, bringing a burst of sunshine to any landscape with its golden foliage. A versatile and resilient addition, Sunshine Ligustrum promises to brighten up any garden space.

Explore these plants on our website or visit a garden center to witness them firsthand. Here’s to happy gardening in 2024!

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