The Most Awesome Perennial You May Have Never Heard Of

Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’ should be named ‘Totally Awesome Tangerine,’ as it’s one the most reliable and long-blooming geums on the market!   It’s a fast-growing, clump-forming herbaceous perennial in zones 4-10 that remains evergreen in warmer climates.  It prefers full sun in cooler, coastal gardens or dappled shade in hot interior zones. 

The compact 2’x2’ mound of textural, lightly-serrated foliage is cute enough on its own, but once spring hits and the tangerine-colored flowers begin to bloom – look out!    

This demure herbaceous perennial transforms from an unassuming cast member to the star of the show with tall and airy 15-inch wands topped with 1” blooms in soft shades of tangerine. Not a bright orange, not a faded orange, but a ‘just the right shade’ of orange that contrasts beautifully with dark purples and golden yellows. 

totally tangerine geum landscape

Consider contrasting the soft tangerine colors with the dark blue flowers of agapanthus ‘Little Blue Fountain’, or the deep purple salvia ‘Amistad’.  Or perhaps create a soothing color echo by pairing the tangerine blooms with the apricot-orange flowers of the digiplexis ‘Illumination Apricot.’  

The flowers of ‘Totally Tangerine’ last for months at a time, starting in spring and continuing through fall, attracting scores of butterflies and pollinators.   And, for an added bonus, the softest summer breeze creates a mesmerizing moment when the tall clouds of flowers gently sway in the wind. 

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