Pet-Friendly Plants

Designing a stunning landscape that accommodates the needs of both your furry companions and your aesthetic desires might seem like a challenge, but it’s entirely achievable with the right selection of plants. The Sunset Plant Collection offers an array of pet-friendly plants that combine beauty and safety in perfect harmony:

Rainbow Sensation Weigela

A rainbow of color from spring to fall, Rainbow Sensation will brighten your garden with its attractive, variegated foliage. Plus, dense clusters of soft pink, funnel-shaped flowers bloom in profusion in May as hummingbirds flock to the sweet nectar.

Chef’s Choice Rosemary

An outstanding rosemary specially selected for its higher oil content and spicy flavor. With a compact, mounding habit, this is the rosemary of choice for container, herb, and kitchen gardens. Sure to please your dinner guests and your garden.

Gerbera Daisy Garden Jewels

Unlike wimpy bedding plant Gerberas, these tough herbaceous perennials bloom from spring to frost and pump out enough flowers to keep your vases full and your pets safe.

Love and Wishes Salvia

Deep purple flowers cover these tough plants from early spring to frost. Like her cousin Wendy’s Wish Salvia, this Salvia will form a ball of color in your yard, with no pruning or deadheading.

Mojo Pittosporum

Mojo is the perfect easy-care shrub! Its naturally compact, rounded growth habit requires little pruning to maintain shape. Easily formed into small hedges or topiaries. Year-round foliage can also be used in cut arrangements and wreaths.

Ultra Violet Buddleia

Compact butterfly bush. Stays small, but still attracts all the pollinators. Flowering from late spring to frost or late fall. Plus is heat tolerant, has low water needs, and is a blooming machine.

Designing a pet-friendly landscape doesn’t mean compromising on beauty. The Sunset Plant Collection offers an exquisite range of plants that cater to both your aesthetic aspirations and your pets’ well-being. These pet-safe options allow you to create an outdoor haven where everyone—humans and pets alike—can enjoy the splendor of nature without worry. So go ahead, explore the collection, and transform your landscape into a harmonious retreat that reflects your love for both design and your furry companions.

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