Less Care, More Color!

Sunset plants make easy-care gardening simpler, without sacrificing color and texture. Find these Sunset varieties and more at your local garden center.

1. Illumination® ‘Apricot’ Digiplexis®

WOW! Every now and then a new plant comes along that really knocks our socks off, and this one is perfect for our Western climates. Foxglove was crossed with a shrubby Isoplexis, which resulted in a re-blooming, apricot-orange garden wonder.

illumination flame digiplexis close

2. ‘Lemon Lime’ Nandina

Finally, a nandina for those of you who don't want red in your gardens! 'Lemon Lime' has chartreuse new foliage that fades to a nice green, and will not turn red, even over the winter.

lemon lime nandina close

3. ‘Soft Caress’ Mahonia

'Soft Caress' has everything we love about mahonia, without the pesky thorns! Compact enough to use in containers, yet large enough for foundation plantings or borders, they provide fabulous texture to the shade garden.

soft caress mahonia close

4. Chef’s Choice® Rosemary

An outstanding new rosemary specially selected for its higher oil content and spicy flavor. With a compact, mounding habit, this is the rosemary of choice for container, herb and kitchen gardens.

chefs choice rosemary close

5. ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum

How did a ligustrum make it into the Sunset Collection? We are always on the lookout for easy care, colorful, water-wise, non invasive garden solutions. This tough plant is so versatile we keep finding new places to use it!

sunshine ligustrum close

6. Obsession™  Nandina

This new and distinctive nandina is a selection of 'GulfStream' with brighter and longer lasting foliage color. With it's compact, dense growth habit, and brilliant red new foliage, Obsession™ is a great easy care choice for your garden or containers.

obsession nandina landscape close

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