Good as Gold

Sunset Plant Collection proudly presents a radiant selection of foliage that will infuse your garden with the warmth and brilliance of gold. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a newbie looking to add some golden splendor to your outdoor space, Sunset Plant Collection has something extraordinary in store for you each with its unique charm and golden hues.

A hummingbird perched on a red flower.

Lime Sizzler

Why we love it: Lime Sizzler Hamelia is a tropical delight that commands attention. Its vibrant chartreuse foliage, adorned with red stems, sets the stage for its star attraction: clusters of tubular, fiery-orange flowers that attract hummingbirds and butterflies from late spring through fall. This show-stopping shrub adds an exotic touch to any garden.

Maintenance: Thriving in full sun, Lime Sizzler Hamelia is relatively low-maintenance. It requires well-draining soil and benefits from occasional pruning to maintain its compact form and encourage blooming anytime after frost.

A field of yellow and white flowers.

Real Goldcup Leucanthemum

Why we love it: Real Goldcup Leucanthemum is a cheerful perennial that brings a burst of sunshine to your garden. Its golden-yellow, daisy-like flowers with yellow centers seem to radiate happiness. It’s perfect for mass plantings, borders, or cut flower arrangements.

Maintenance: This hardy perennial thrives in full sun and well-drained soil. Deadheading spent blooms prolong its flowering period, and occasional division keeps it vigorous.

A yellow frisbee in front of bushes.

Sunshine Ligustrum

Why we love it: Sunshine Ligustrum is a golden wonder with its bright, golden-yellow leaves that hold their color throughout the year. This evergreen shrub adds a touch of glamour to hedges, as a focal point, or even in topiary forms.

Maintenance: Low-maintenance and adaptable, Sunshine Ligustrum thrives in full sun to partial shade. Pruning helps maintain its desired shape and size.

A plant with yellow flowers and leaves in front of a building.

Marvel Mahonia

Why we love it: Marvel Mahonia is a garden superhero with spiky, evergreen foliage that showcases shades of gold and green. Fragrant, bright yellow flowers emerge in late winter, providing a welcome source of color.

Maintenance: This hardy shrub thrives in partial to full shade and is water-wise once established. Its unique appearance attracts pollinators and adds year-round interest to your garden.

A group of green shrubs in a garden.

Golden Oakland Holly

Why we love it: Golden Oakland Holly is a majestic holly featuring golden foliage that remains striking all year round. It creates a dramatic focal point in any landscape, making a bold statement with its golden leaves.

Maintenance: Thriving in well-drained acidic soil and full sun to partial shade, this holly requires medium water once established. Minimal pruning is required in early spring to maintain its natural beauty.

Yellow flowers on a plant with green leaves.

Cape Town Yellow Tecomaria

Why we love it: Cape Town Yellow Tecomaria is a stunning choice for golden blooms. Its large clusters of bright yellow flowers atop tall stems provide a dazzling summer display.

Maintenance: This perennial thrives in full sun to part shade and native soils, offering a brilliant option for borders or containers. Shaping after spring bloom encourages bushier growth and even more blooms.

Our “Good as Gold” plants offer a radiant assortment of golden treasures to elevate your garden to new heights of beauty. Whether you choose Lime Sizzler Hamelia or Sunshine Ligustrum, you’re infusing your outdoor space with the splendor of gold. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your garden into a golden paradise. Explore our collection today!

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