Give Your Home a Glow-Up: These Plants Deliver Stunning Curb Appeal

If your home is a reflection of your personality, your visitors get to know you beginning at the curb. Front yard landscaping gives guests a good first impression, and it also makes fiscal sense; studies show that improved landscaping can increase your home value by 10-20%. We’ve selected easy-care plants that will keep your garden inviting and vibrant throughout the changing seasons, so you can relax and enjoy your home.

A group of shrubs in a grassy area.

Baby Gem Boxwood

With its lush green foliage, Baby Gem Boxwood adds a touch of timeless elegance to your garden. This evergreen shrub retains its beauty in all seasons, providing a consistent backdrop for your landscape design. Its compact size makes it perfect for borders, hedges, or container gardening. Its rich green adds a touch of class and formality to your outdoor space, making it visually appealing throughout the year. Plant in full sun to partial shade in Sunset zones 3B, 4-26.

A green and blue shrub in a garden.

Bayou Bliss Distylium

Bayou Bliss Distylium is a versatile shrub that effortlessly blends beauty and resilience. Its glossy, dark green leaves and low-maintenance nature make it a popular choice for any garden style. This plant is exceptionally adaptable, thriving in various weather conditions. Its ability to withstand the heat ensures your garden remains attractive no matter the season. Plant in full coastal sun to partial shade in hotter climates in Sunset zones 4–9, 14–17.

A bush with red, yellow, and green leaves.

Blush Pink Nandina

Blush Pink Nandina adds graceful color transitions to your garden, transforming from blush-colored foliage in spring to deep red over winter. This dense growing shrub adds a lively touch to your outdoor space and is suitable for edging, mass planting, or as a focal point, ensuring your garden looks enchanting year-round. Plant in full coastal sun to partial shade in hotter climates in Sunset zones 3 (with protection) 4-33.

A plant with dark brown leaves in a garden.

Black Adder Phormium

For a bold statement, introduce Black Adder Phormium to your landscape. This ornamental plant boasts striking, sword-like leaves in deep shades of dark burgundy. Its architectural form and eye-catching color make it a fantastic choice for modern or tropical garden designs. Whether planted in groups or as a standalone specimen, this Phormium variety adds drama and sophistication, ensuring your garden stands out throughout the year. Plant in full coastal sun to partial shade in Sunset zones 7-9, 14-24.

A row of green trees in a field.

Green Valley Arborvitae

When it comes to creating a private oasis, Green Valley Arborvitae is your ideal companion. This dense evergreen shrub features vibrant, emerald-green foliage that maintains its color all year long. With its tall and narrow growth habit, it serves as an excellent natural fence, offering privacy and serenity to your outdoor space. Its ability to withstand various well-drained soil conditions and resist pests ensures your garden remains lush and inviting regardless of the season. Plant in full sun to partial shade in Sunset zones 2–9, 14–24.

Ready to elevate your garden? Explore the Sunset Plant Collection, find a garden center near you, and let nature’s beauty adorn your home throughout the seasons!

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