February’s Fabulous Finds: 5 Must-Have Plants for Your Garden

As February unfolds, it’s time to plan the next chapter of your garden’s story. We’ve curated a list of five plants sure to elevate your outdoor spaces. From vibrant blooms to evergreen leaves, these additions promise beauty, low maintenance, and a touch of uniqueness. Let’s dive into what February has to offer!

Dianthus Pickables Colorpop: A Burst of Color and Nectar

  • Add a pop of color and attract pollinators with Dianthus Pickables Colorpop.
  • This easy-care perennial not only provides long-lasting color but also serves as a nectar haven for hummingbirds and butterflies.
  • Enjoy the bonus of armloads of bright-cut flowers, perfect for creating stunning bouquets.
  • Plant in Sunset zones A2, A3, 1–24 or USDA zones 5-10.
Clump of needle-like green and white grass surrounded by shrubs and pink flowers in a garden setting.

Lomandra Platinum Beauty: Easy-Care Elegance

  • Break away from the ordinary with Lomandra Platinum Beauty, the ultimate in easy-care landscaping.
  • Boasting the first green and white striped variegated form, it complements succulents and other low-water-use plants beautifully.
  • Tolerant of diverse conditions, including dry and wet environments, salt spray, and heat, this perennial remains evergreen above 20°F.
  • Plant in Sunset zones 5, 8, 9, 12–24 or USDA zones 8-10.
A dense clump of long, thin, grey-green grass-like leaves growing outdoors.

Lomandra Arctic Frost: Evergreen Elegance

  • Elevate your garden’s aesthetic with the attractive, evergreen grass-like perennial, Lomandra Arctic Frost.
  • Whether used as an accent plant, in mass plantings, or in containers, its versatility shines.
  • Embrace its low-water needs, making it a superb choice for a sustainable and picturesque garden.
  • Plant in Sunset zones 12–24 or USDA zones 8-10.
A dense bush with numerous bright green leaves grows outdoors in a garden setting.

Nandina Lemon Lime: Chartreuse Charm Without the Red

  • Introducing Nandina Lemon Lime for those who seek a departure from the traditional red hues.
  • Revel in chartreuse new foliage that gracefully fades to a rich dark green, remaining vibrant even in winter.
  • A perfect choice for gardeners looking to infuse a refreshing and unique color palette into their outdoor spaces.
  • Plant in Sunset zones 3 (with protection) 4-33 or USDA zones 6-11.
Close-up of dense, vibrant green foliage with small leaves, forming a uniform and compact bush.

Pittosporum Beach Ball: Compact, Prunable, Perfect

  • For a low-growing evergreen shrub that demands less pruning, Pittosporum Beach Ball is your go-to.
  • Its naturally compact and thick growth habit makes it ideal for edging or decorative containers.
  • Easily pruned to shape, this versatile plant adds structure and greenery without the hassle.
  • Plant in Sunset zones 7-9, 14-24, or USDA zones 8B-10.

As February unfolds, seize the opportunity to enhance your garden with these fabulous finds from our Sunset Plant Collection. Whether you’re aiming for bursts of color, low-maintenance elegance, or unique foliage, these five plants offer a diverse range of options. Embrace the beauty of the season and transform your outdoor space this year. Happy gardening!

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