Enchanting Color Palettes

As we embrace the beauty that plants have to offer, we’ve curated a selection that not only dazzles with their lush foliage but also mesmerizes with their exquisite color palettes.

Tranquil Tropics

Immerse yourself in the soothing hues of the tropics. From the soothing yellows of Cape Town Tecomaria to the vibrant pinks of Tropical Swizzle Bougainvillea, this palette captures the essence of a calm coastal retreat. Let the colors of these tranquil tropics palette transform you into a world of relaxation and tranquility.

Plants featured: TIKI Tropical Swizzle Bougainvillea, Cape Town Yellow Tecomaria, Royal Hawaiian ‘Waikiki’ Colocasia, Sangria Rose Mandevilla, and Twist of Pink Oleander.

Desert Dreams

Experience the allure of arid landscapes with this desert dream palette. The blue tones of Clarity Blue Dianella to the muted colors of Beyond Blue Festuca blend seamlessly to evoke the spirit of desert sunsets. Let these plants bring the magic of desert horizons right into your living space.

Plants featured: Safari Rose Aloe, Clarity Blue Dianella, Coolvista Dianella, and Beyond Blue Festuca.

Vibrant Meadows

Dive into a sea of colors reminiscent of wildflower meadows. The vibrant purples of Ever Amethyst and Neverland Agapanthus pair beautifully with the cheerful yellows of Gerbera Daisy Garden Jewels. Embrace the playfulness of nature’s canvas with the vibrant meadow’s palette.

Plants featured: Ever Amethyst Agapanthus, Neverland Agapanthus, Pickables Colorpop Dianthus, Gerbera Daisy Garden Jewels, and Bells of Fire Tecoma.

Coastal Breeze

Inspired by the coastal shores, the coastal breeze palette captures the essence of the ocean’s shades. The deep greens of Baby Gem Boxwood and Diamond Heights Ceanothus and the soft tones of Meerlo Lavender create a serene atmosphere that mirrors the beauty of a coastal escape.

Plants featured: Baby Gem Boxwood, Diamond Heights Ceanothus, Meerlo Lavender, Platinum Beauty Lomandra, and Senecio Skyscraper.

Sunrise Splendor

Awaken your senses with the radiant colors of sunrise splendor. The fiery oranges of Sunset Orange Gaillardia and the golden yellows of Real Glory Leucanthemum bring the warmth of a sunrise into your garden. Embrace the energy and optimism that this palette exudes.

Plants featured: Miss Lemon Abelia, Sunset Orange Gaillardia, Illumination Apricot Digiplexis, Totally Tangerine Geum, and Real Glory Leucanthemum.

Explore these captivating color palettes and transform your space into a haven of natural beauty. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or a beginner, Sunset Plant Collection offers a wide variety of plants to suit every preference and skill level.

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