Courtyard Container Planting

by Kate of

With spring in the air I wanted to share a special little spot in my backyard where I enjoy morning coffee or evening wine, it’s our courtyard just off the kitchen. I was invited by the Sunset Western Garden Collection® to spruce up a section of my yard and this space was the perfect place.

courtyard container planting patio

Just like with the fall planting bed project, I selected a medley of plants on the Sunset Western Garden Collection® website, they arrived on my porch and I took them out of their boxes and gave them a drink.

courtyard container planting plant delivery

Rather than buying expensive new planters I turned to a cheaper method. One of the easiest ways to make plastic containers look classier is good ol’ spray paint. Make sure you get one that works on plastic, some do some don’t.

To make inexpensive brown plastic planters and blue buckets work with my fern green and black palette I spray painted them with Rustoleum paint + primer.

courtyard container planting spray paint

Often overlooked are dark leafed plants but I’m loving the Purple Pixie® Dwarf Weeping Loropetalum as a contrast to the abundance of green leaves in the Mountain Snow™ Pieris that is about to bloom in the black pot.

On the fireplace ledge sits ‘Soft Caress’ Mahonia in the black containers and ‘Lemon Lime’ Nandina in the painted green buckets, the medley is lush to look at during the day. (On the rare occasion we light the fire at night I move them to the ground.)

Around the corner are containers of budding Jubilation™ Gardenia and fragrant Chef’s Choice® Rosemary.

This spot is my absolute favorite place to enjoy a glass of local wine at the end of the day!

courtyard container plantings

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