Add a Touch of Sunshine to Your Water-Wise Garden

Assorted Sunset Plants in a landscape

Look no further. With supple texture, radiant color, and a compact habit, ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum is just the plant you are looking for. In this water-wise design, we pair it with luxuriant purples, soft blues, and a profusion of vibrant yellows for dynamic color.

The unique color combination creates a garden that feels like it is in motion. Yellow is a radiating color that visually jumps out toward the viewer. It can be used to create an increased sense of space. This design echoes the luminous hues of ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum with yellow blooms and foliage. The trumpet-shaped blossoms of Lydia™ Tecoma and the golden eyes of ‘Real Glory’ Leucanthemum carry the golden hues across the bed, while ‘Lemon Lime’ Nandina and EverColor® ‘Everillo’ Carex flank ‘Sunshine’ to create a mass of color.

landscape using Sunshine LigustrumWhite in the garden provides a resting point for the eye. Placed at the center, it also provides an anchor around which the energy unfolds. Here the white petals of ‘Real Glory’ Leucanthemum and the ivory foliage of Miss Lemon™ Abelia provide the pivot-point. White can be used in many ways to direct the eye through a planting design, try experimenting with patches of white intermittently spaced along the length of a large border.

Texture is another dominant element in this design. The fine foliage of ‘Beyond Blue’ Festuca stands at attention while the bold Shasta daisy and amaranth flower heads vie for attention. When designing with texture, plan for more fine-textured plants, using bold textures for focal points and accents.

Inspired? Create the look with this plant list!

touch of sunshine garden plan

The Sunset Plant Collection’s diverse selection of grasses, shrubs and perennials makes it easy to find the right mixture of textured plants for your water-wise garden. And with plants like ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum you won’t need to sacrifice color along the way.​

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