A Sea of Color and Texture in a Water-Wise Landscape

What makes any planting design succeed?

Balancing texture, color, and form to shape a unique garden experience.

sea of color and texture landscape

Texture is the workhorse of this design. Arching grasses and upright perennials lend the planting dynamic energy. The motion of the planting flows and rises away from the viewer, resolving with the upward lift of Delta Fusion™ Crapemyrtle at the back of the planting. With deep foliage and lacey blooms, crapemyrtle is uniquely staged to serve as both a focal point and backdrop on which texture unfolds.

Gracefully extending thin blades of evergreen foliage, Platinum Beauty™ Lomandra is a bright counterpoint to the dark Delta Fusion™. Repeated through the planting is fragrant ‘Meerlo’ Lavender, which creates a vibrant thread and rolling visual pauses between waves of color and texture.

Repetition of purple hues contrast golden foliage for a color scheme that is at once refined and energized. The rich foliage of ‘Design-A-Line’ Cordyline and playful blooms of ‘Love and Wishes’ Salvia echo the focal point while anchoring the planting within the surrounding sea of tall verbena, Russian sage, and ruby Muhly grass.

sea of color and texture garden plan

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