9 Plants That Totally Scream Love: Valentine’s Day Picks from Sunset Plant Collection

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re on the lookout for the perfect green companions to express your love, you’re in for a treat. Sunset Plant Collection has got you covered with a list of nine awesome plants that not only scream love but also bring that romantic vibe to your space. From sassy salvias to easy-breezy roses, these plants are your go-to for spreading the love this Valentine’s Day.

Love and Wishes Salvia:

A real heartthrob with its deep purple blooms. This perennial is like the rockstar of your garden, bringing that passionate, enchanting energy to the mix. Plus, it’s super chill and easy to care for with with no pruning or deadheading needed. (Full sun to partial shade in Sunset zones 16-24).

Burning Love Leucothoe:

This one’s called Burning Love Leucothoe for a reason – its fiery red foliage is like a love letter to your garden, changing from red to bronze to green throughout the year. It’s an evergreen shrub that’s all about that enduring love vibe, and it’ll turn heads with its vibrant ever-changing colors. (Full coastal sun to partial shade in hotter climates in Sunset zones 3b–7, 15–17).

Little Kiss Salvia:

Looking for something cute and compact? Little Kiss Salvia is your go-to. It’s a petite perennial with adorable, lipstick-red flowers – it’s like your garden’s way of sending out little lovey-dovey smooches to all who pass by! (Full sun in Sunset zones 7-24).

Colorpop Pickables Dianthus:

Dianthus is a classic symbol of love, and the Colorpop Pickables variety takes it up a notch with its vivid colors. These fringed flowers not only look cool but also smell amazing, giving your garden that sweet, romantic touch attracting both hummingbirds and butterflies alike! (Full sun to partial shade in Sunset zones A2, A3, 1–24).

Raspberry Surprise Scent First Dianthus:

Like a burst of raspberry goodness in flower form. With rich, adorable, double, and semi-double flowers with a spicy fragrance and raspberry-colored blooms, this dianthus is all about creating a sensory-filled love experience! Very long blooming and drought tolerant once established. (Full sun to partial shade in Sunset zones A2, A3, 2–24).

Heart Throb Hydrangea:

Hydrangeas are known for their lush blooms, and Heart Throb is no exception. Deep red flowers and a compact size make it the perfect symbol of love and devotion. It’s like your garden’s way of saying, “Hey, I’m all in!” (Partial sun to shade in Sunset zones 2–9, 14–24).

Flirt Nandina:

Add a bit of flirtatious charm to your garden with Flirt Nandina. Its vibrant red foliage and delicate leaves give off those flirty vibes. Plus, it’s a low-maintenance shrub, so you can focus on enjoying the love, not stressing over care. (Full coastal sun to partial shade in hotter climates in Sunset zones 3 (with protection) 4-33).

Blush Pink Nandina:

For a softer expression, go for Blush Pink Nandina. Delicate, blush-colored foliage adds an elegant touch to your landscape – it’s like your garden’s way of blushing with love. (Full coastal sun to partial shade in hotter climates in Sunset zones 3 (with protection) 4-33).

It’s a Breeze Red Rose:

And of course, no love-themed plant list is complete without the classic red rose. It’s a Breeze Red Rose is a modern hybrid that brings together timeless beauty with low-maintenance vibes (and doesn’t require fussy pruning). Deep red petals and a captivating fragrance make it the ultimate symbol of romance. (Full sun in Sunset zones 2-24).

Wrap up your Valentine’s Day plans with Sunset Plant Collection’s love-inspired plant picks. Whether it’s vibrant salvias or easy-breezy roses, these plants are here to make your garden the coolest love spot in town. Embrace the plant love language and let your garden shout out your affection this Valentine’s Day!

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