7 Plants for Your Easter Landscape

The Sunset Plant Collection brings you an Easter-themed pallet of plants to choose from when sprucing up your springtime front porch containers or landscape style. All of these selections make great container plants or can be put directly in the ground to grow! These spring stunners are built for the West Coast and bring more color, less water, and easy care to your landscapes.

real cream Leucanthemum close

REALFLOR Real Cream: With warm sunshine yellow buds that open to butter yellow flowers, Real Cream brings the sun to your planted location. Making great cut flowers that can entertain your lunch guests from both indoors and out. Plant in Sunset zones 1-24 or USDA zones 5-10 in full sun.

neverland agapanthus close

‘Neverland’ Agapanthus: Brightening up your garden even when not in bloom, Neverland Agapanthus has lilac flowers that appear in the summer and can be brought indoors with cut flowers for bouquets! In addition to attracting pollinators, there’s nothing not to love about this selection. Plant in Sunset zones 6-9, 12-24, or USDA zones 8B-10 in the full coastal sun to part shade in hotter climates.

little miss sunshine cistus close

‘Little Miss Sunshine’ Cistus: This charming plant stays compact without pruning and looks great even when it’s not in bloom! Making it the perfect fit for borders or containers. This springtime favorite stands the test of time being deer, pest, and fire resistant all while putting on a show with its delicate button-like white flowers with a dainty yellow middle. Plant in Sunset zones 5-9, 12-24, 26, 28, 31, and USDA zones 8-10 in full sun. Water-wise.

illumination apricot digiplexis close

Illumination ‘Apricot’:This plant is sure to knock the socks off of your guests whether you allow shoes in your house or not. This reblooming perennial brings gorgeous apricot-orange flowers to your garden and will leave people so distracted by its beauty, they forget they were hunting for Easter eggs! Plant in Sunset zones 4-6 (with protection), 8-9, 14-24, and USDA zones 8B-10 in full sun to part shade.

miss lemon abelia close

Miss Lemon Abelia: This outstanding abelia with bright variegated foliage that switches from yellow to green and then ivory makes the perfect container plant (and place to hide Easter eggs). Brightening up the shady spots in your gardens and porches! Plant in Sunset zones 3 (with protection) 4-24, 28-35, and USDA zones 6-10 in the full coastal sun to part shade in hotter climates. Water-wise.

totally tangerine geum close

‘Totally Tangerine’ Geum: This plant will have the butterflies flocking to your yard on Easter morning. Producing 5 times more blooms, this fast-growing sterile plant is one of our all-time favorite perennials! Providing cut flowers, easy-care, and longer blooms. Plant in Sunset zones 2-24 and USDA zones 4-10 in the full coastal sun to part shade in hotter climates.

bells of fire Tecoma close

Bells of Fire Tecoma: Bring a tropical appearance and intense flower power right to your front door. Blooming early and reblooming with bright red bell-shaped flowers over and over again until frost! If you are staying local this holiday weekend, bring some tropical flare to spruce up your surroundings! Plant in Sunset zones 9, 12-24, and USDA zones 9B-11 in full sun to part shade. Water-wise.

Bring your Easter weekend to life this year with a gardening project or prepare to host your guests and WOW them with your ever-blooming yard! Find these plants and more here.

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